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The Brotherhood: How and what it does, and why!

The Organization of Humanity : A Brotherhood .

As the "Empirical church" maybe considered the mind, it is the brotherhood that embodies the heart and therefore acts, literally as the body, in that all efforts put forth by the church are manifested by the will and effort of the members of the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood is founded on a simple understanding : religions have served to suggest that we humankind are all Gods children. And if this is the case then we are all one family, and therefore brothers and sisters… and well… I do not know about your family, but in my family we do not let our brothers and sisters eat out of trashcans and sleep in the gutter.
The Brotherhood is dedicated to "specific" long term, and immediate goals.

(1) The Brotherhood is dedicated to ending homelessness and hunger for all humans who desire to work and prosper accordingly, even those who are less able, and those who due to depression or other such problems may find the "real world" job market un- accessible.

(2)The Brotherhood is dedicated to pooling its developed wealth and resources and using them towards constant expansion by the acquirement of housing for those old and new members who by dedicating themselves to some form of labors assures long term growth. (To include housing for the pure charity cases.)

(3) The Brotherhood is dedicated to expansively developing businesses that may serve as income sources as well as employment and training centers for member use.

(4) The Brotherhood is dedicated to the pursuit of abundant and worthwhile work, of all kinds in that it provides worth and wealth for both the whole and the individuals. With the understanding that those who maybe considered "less able" in the real world, can find a home within the brotherhood so long as they try to help out those who do go out and work. Or can regularly take part in fund raising efforts.
Those who do either work directly for the Brotherhood, or find outside income go on a 50 / 50 plan where each working member donates 50 percent of their income. In return, the Brotherhood grants them room and board as well as the shared use of some things which the church and Brotherhood may have available. Such as facilities for exercise, education, entertainment and centers for spiritual / religious enlightenment which we refer to as the Empirical Church of Humanity.

(5) The Brotherhood is dedicated to the serious long term Goal of ending homelessness, hunger and needless suffering around our own neighborhoods and around the "world."

(6) All members who would take it upon them selves to work in leadership positions must take and hold to a vow of relative poverty, to be scrutinized by the working class. The volume of developed wealth is to go specifically into pie chart division for funding various efforts. These charts cannot be changed.

(7) The Brotherhood is a serious organization with military structure, but without the push-ups, with rank representing levels of leadership, management and accountability.

(8) The Brotherhood is dedicated to the long term survival of mankind, and therefore must focus on the guaranteed survival of its members, by a constant and recycling process of food usage, capable of feeding each member for a period of no less than 17 years, any stored food before it has expired should be replaced and then distributed to the needy (a long term goal, to be undertaken when homelessness has ended).

(9) The Brotherhood is dedicated to the long term goal of continually building and launching massive deep space colony ships housing 10’s of 1000’s of people, self sustaining and capable of lasting the journey no matter how many generations it may take, to find and colonize as many new worlds, moons and star systems as may be available. (To be undertaken by each country, when poverty is ended within said country).

(10) The Brotherhood is dedicated to building Empirical churches throughout the heavens.

The short and the long term objectives of the Empirical Church ,
And how to accomplish them.

It is with an understanding that this is presented in relation to modern day southern California and the efforts which shall be put forth there, however these principles or guidelines should suffice for use in most modern towns and cities across the world generally.

It is always of the utmost importance that we are very clear about what it is that we as a group of human people are trying to do… And why?

Our Goals: First: To end all hunger, homelessness and needless suffering and to bring enlightenment and prosperity to all humankind through science. Second: To set about guaranteeing the survival of the human species, by the use of intelligent resource management, and inter / stellar colonization.

Our Reasons Why: First: When any intelligent human being reads the scriptures of the many religions, one is struck by the clarity of the concepts of love, compassion for others, of family, and sharing which abounds in page after page, and we find that Jesus speaks over and over about how we should love each other, live and work together, and care about each other as one big family, as did Moses, and Krishna, and Mohammed etc…
Second: Only an intelligent multi-million man charitable religious organization is capable of solving the worlds problems, and of building and launching deep space colonization vessels, for in such there can be no profit for the mother planet, only the loss of resources and of prime adventurous humans who leave, therefore the entire effort must be an act of love for there may never be any return on such home world investments. But the rewards may be found as the unlimited destiny of our people throughout the heavens.

Therefore it is with this reference to all the world religions that we become aware of the realization that if all of this scripture is to be believed, even a little, then clearly, God, our father in heaven, does not like for any of his children to suffer, and more importantly, it is literally the duty and job of those more fortunate to care for those who are not.

It is therefore simply a question of how? How do we go from the modern world, to a world where there is no more homelessness, or hunger, or needless suffering? Without losing any freedoms!

1) Reason tells us that it would wrong to imagine forcing our entire society to give up and or change there ways and function in a more co-operative manner, such as in communism, for do so would be likened to oppression, and such must be avoided at all times principally. However, the concept of freedom should work both ways, and allow for those of like mind to find cause to live and work together, which exists in many forms across the land, as various communes, religious communities, cults and or groups etc… Therefore, let the call go out this day to all human kind, that a new order of organization has come, its members are consider sheep as described in Matthew 25, and are divisible from the bulk of humanities goats by the simple distinction that they care, and have what can be called an overpowering compassion, which has driven them to step forward and join this organization and work together daily for what, as described by our worlds major religions, is the most holy and greatest of causes, to end hunger homelessness and needless suffering. And more so, to drive mankind forward by leaps and bounds outward into a widespread universal expansion, for such is the destiny of man, and it is our duty as Gods children to manifest it into our reality. Therefore begin with recruiting.

2) Having established a base of members to serve as management personnel it then is a simple matter to drive the work force machine consisting of humans, who due to homelessness or poverty may find refuge within the church, into a constant never ending cycle of fundraising by means of public solicitation of charitable donations, the direct marketing of goods, and the establishment of all manner of businesses maintaining all manner of services. Being of course ethically matched to the lowest price competitor. For it is not our intention to overtake any business sectors, but to establish a foothold worth on average 25 percent of the G.D.P. per sector, such that all the funds raised will serve charitable causes and the long term survival of our species. Begin the fundamental work effort of fundraising.

3) Beginning the management of people from scratch, starting with nothing, there are two approaches which seem available, and it is advised that both are pursued. First, in order to facilitate the fundraising and long term growth, it is reasonable to begin with new disciples, which may be housed under temporary status in various low cost motels/hotels, in groups and or individuals for a period of one week, or housed immediately in technically advanced camp sites located on private residential land owned by the church, serving as a transitory period where by based on ones potential, some may find continued use of motels/hotels until such time as land is acquired closer within the many city limits.
everyone takes a vow of relative poverty, and works as a volunteer and the church simply takes care of their most basic needs, and requirements, as a family would, but like tough love, each member must work, at something, there are no excuses, only opportunities, and obstacles to be over-come. From sewing clothes, to carving wood, there is always something to do, and it is important that each person does it at least 40 hours a week, or as much as they are able.

4) Members who take on management responsibilities of the various work efforts that the church may pursue, are considered Purple status, and must be promoted to an Officer ranking position, from Sergeant to General and are provided a small salary relative to that rank. Members who join the church as someone in need, yet who wish to return to the free society are considered Blue status, and go on the 50% plan, as do Purple status members. Meaning they donate 50% of their meager income back to the church, in return for the love of room and board the church shares. Blue status members are assigned officers who oversee their saving and budgeting plans in order to realistically facilitate returning to the free world as a normal working citizen. Green status members are people who simply volunteer to work for the church as and act of love, and in return the church does what it may to keep that person alive under reasonable conditions, as with small but private shelter, clothes, food and access to the many facilities that the church members may build up over time. White status members are the non-compliant, who due to craziness or laziness refuse to work, and are deemed mentally defective, and as such are not abandoned but encouraged to work, by realizing all the benefits of the church, and how it can facilitate happiness, but it is something they have to want, and thus white status members, are restricted to whatever shelters are available, and whatever meager portion of calories is allotted to them, and are constantly encouraged by purple, green and blue members to rise up to green, and by simple labors, enjoy the respect of others, and some basic comforts.
Rank and respect is given to anyone who wants it, but once they have it, they have to earn it.

5) Facilities, projects, and fundamentals : Initially, Field Management personnel shall each be in charge of a platoon of 12 humans, which shall serve as the basic core, for the exponential expansion of membership. Each platoon works as a team towards all work efforts, beginning primarily with fund-raising, growing into direct marketing, and developing simple labor based businesses to further the expansion. Each platoon shall eventually be asked to move into modest apartment style complexes acting as one of our Disciple homes, with separate rooms, with both private and communal bathrooms and kitchen facilities, with recreational quarters and shared use options such as gyms and or pools etc.
Each Platoon shall be part of a Company of 7 Platoons, and each Company shall be part of a Division of 10 Companies, and each Division shall be part of a T.S.G. (Theoretically Survivable Group) of 16 Divisions. Each T.S.G. shall be part of a Unit, consisting of 16 T.S.G. Each Unit shall be part of an Order of 16 Units. Each Order shall be part of a Whole of 100 Orders. By the time we reach an Order, all poverty should be near an end, and our stellar colonization efforts should have begun. By the time we reach a Whole, hunger, homelessness and needless suffering should all be ended. Facilities shall include but are not limited to modest residential shelter in various forms for various members, Gyms and or exercise centers, educational libraries and classrooms, laboratories and research centers, religious study and discussion halls, office / manufacturing space and entertainment centers.
As a long term project, all facilities owned by the Church and Brotherhood are to be solar powered, and all available space is to utilized in the growing of food plants for member use, which includes the long term terra-forming of the many deserts into usable fertile farmland in 10,000 square meter sections. Fund-raise, work, build, enjoy.

6) A vow of Relative Poverty must be taken and adhered to by every member without exception. Relative Poverty does not mean abject, or total poverty. It means simply that each member gives up on hopes of vast wealth, and excepts a modest lifestyle where we limit our living space based on rank and family size, practice modest consumption, seriously recycle and compost everything and make our own goods, by hand, and by machine. From clothes to metal hand tools, each T.S.G. must be fully self-sufficient and capable of all significant levels of needed manufacturing in case the rest of humanity was somehow destroyed. Thus, the strategic distribution of our complete fully functional ability is key to survival in any potential worse case scenario. Say no to greed, live well, prepare for the worst and we may survive.

7) Standards and protocols for cleanliness must be maintained at the highest levels, meaning no hand shaking, no one touches anyone unless requested, mandatory hand cleaning, air filtration for group / private environments, water filtration, laboratory standards of cleanliness in all kitchen, bathroom and farm facilities, and personal grooming is mandatory for all members. Clean white linen for everyone.
The Empirical Church of Humanity -contact: Mosheh Muhammed Al-faraj Thezion, Avatar General


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